Welcome to AKW Media Inc., a design innovation group that develops display and exhibit strategies, expresses client attributes, and guides user experience through visual communications. AKW Media Inc. a leader in retractable banner stands, rollup banner stands, affordable popup displays, point of purchase kiosks, portable trade show exhibits, outdoor flag stands, branded table cloths, light weight brochure stands and literature racks, combined counters, transport boxes, trade show graphic printing and so much more!

With years of experience in the portable display industry, AKW Media Inc. can work with clients on finding the best display to meet their marketing criteria and stay within any budget. Our team of professionals with guide you every step of the way in order to alleviate you worries and make your next marketing event a successful one. Our number one goal is client satisfaction and client retention. We pride ourselves on service and believe we can produce both with you.

All of AKW Media Inc.’s trade show display or marketing display products are constructed with high quality materials, amazingly durable, and come in unique designs for any event or marketing need, indoor or outdoor. Most of our portable displays, popup displays, portable trade show exhibits, retractable banner stand, brochure racks or literature racks come with a lifetime warranty!

Looking for a Banner Stand for your next product kickoff? AKW Media Inc. is able to provide an assortment of banner stands that can fit your next marketing project such as retractable banner stands, that allow your graphic to be rolled into the base for easy storage and protection of your banner stand graphic, indoor banner stands, that allow the graphic to be displayed with easy, outdoor banner stands, that allow your marketing message to be used anywhere in any kind of weather, and even green banner stands, that are made to be environmentally friendly from recycled materials. Our entire line of banner stands come in unique styles and are custom built with unique hardware in order to make every banner stand meet a specific need. No matter what your marketing budget, we will find a banner stand that works for you! AKW Media Inc. also provides storage bags for your banner stands to protect them for wear and tear.

AKW Media Inc.’s popup displays and fabric displays are made to be durable for any exhibit situation, and can be constructed within a few minutes. Our popup displays and fabric displays use the latest technologies in graphic printing. Direct to surface, dye-sub printing, stitching and encapsulation are used to make your popup display or fabric display graphic have a professional look, are long lasting and superior colors. Magnetic strips are mended to your popup display graphics making installation of your graphics easy. Some fabric display graphics are left attached to the hardware and stored together make setup even quicker. Every AKW Media Inc. popup display or fabric display comes with storage soft or hard cases that will protect your display, and keep everything organized. Some popup display cases also double as a podium for your exhibit! Most of our popup displays and fabric display come with a lifetime warranty on parts. Contact us for more details on our displays and what they can offer you!

Are you looking for a Flag Stand display? AKW Media Inc. has outdoor and indoor flag stand displays. Our flag stands displays are built to withstand any type of outdoor weather and can be used for any indoor event as well. Each flag stand has weighted bases that are specifically designed to prevent your flag from being top heavy and having any issues with falling. Each flag stand comes with its own case to prevent damage when not in use. Our Flag Stands are made with quality fabrics and stitched to perfection making them very durable and the print quality, precise. Flag stands can be installed within a few minutes without headaches. Contact us today to learn more about our flag stands.

Need something like a transportation case, fitted table throw, brochure or literature rack? AKW Media In. can provide all these items and so much more. Our transportation cases are made of hard plastic making them easy to carry or roll, and some of them can even double as exhibit counter. Fitted table throws and custom table clothes have the ability to have your logo printed on them making them completely unique to your company. Literature racks are easy to setup in seconds and have stylish looks. To learn more about any of these items please contact us today!

AKW Media Inc. isn’t just about small popup displays or portable kiosks. We can provide clients with exhibit properties to complete any exhibit, such as hanging signs, backlit light boxes, signage, exhibit truss, exhibit graphic walls, and even lit towers. We also can provide rental furniture or other accessories if needed for an exhibit. If you’re in the need for any exhibit or exhibit property please let AKW Media Inc. bid for you. Our prices are affordable and very competitive.

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Committed to Helping the Environment:

AKW Media Inc. is proud to introduce our "GreenScreen" banner stand. GreenScreen is the most enviromental solution available.  Made from recycled products, GreenScreen takes less then 30 seconds to setup and will diplay your marketing message with outstanding quality.

Available Now!

Click here to learn more about: GreenScreen

DisplayTunnel –more impact, faster set up:

With DisplayTunnel, you get a three-dimensional shape with higher visual impact than with the traditional flat sign systems.

The shape makes it effective both as a media and as demarcation/signpost, for instance at sports events.

Available Now!

Click here to learn more about: Display Tunnel

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